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Register as a member on and receive an Amazon coupon from 15% off!
The followings are more details:

1. Register as a member: Register, check your mailbox, find the automatic email for the registration confirmation and finish the confirmation according to the instructions on email.
2. Every week there is a special offer for NEW members. We will email the Amazon coupon weekly to NEW members. You could find your Amazon coupon from 15% off in the email, as well as the valid Amazon product information for this coupon.
3. Here is the special offer of this week. You could put your desired products in the shopping cart in advance. If you find another lamp you are interested in, you could contact us via e-mail ( to get a coupon.

VINGO® 60W Deckenleuchte Starlight Effekt Kristall Kaltweiß LED Korridor Eckig Deckenbeleuchtung Schönes Badlampe