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VINGO® LED ceiling light Starry Sky Color Change 60W

Item No.: B074DVP61T-3762
Bring infinite romance to life. Stars Effect Lamps Mask uses new A grade PMMA material, which ensures high transmittance and low light loss. High-quality LED light source-uniform light. No flicking.
High color rendering. Energy efficient A ++. Simple and quick installation. Adopt advanced locking lever. Ideal for Living room, bedroom, reading room etc.
This ceiling lamp reduces energy consumption by up to 90%. The lifetime is is up to 30,000 hours. Guaranteed for 2 years.
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Product Description

Colour:60w Dimmable Ufo

Starry sky effect.If you look at the ceiling lamp from different angles, this lamp represents a starry sky!

The color temperature of the light is controlled by switches. The light colors between white-natural white-warm white can be achieved by continuously switching on and off. White light makes the room full of light, is suitable for entertainment and meeting. The soft white light is ideal for spending time with family. The warm white light is calm and elegant, suitable for creating a romantic scene.
Easy to install. The mounting materials are included.

Technical Date
Material: Acrylic cover / Metal-bottom board
Lumen: 5400-5700-6000LM.
Color: Warm white/Cold White/Neutral(2700-4500-6500K) 
Dimmable: No
Size: ø550*112mm.
Lifetime: about 50,000 hours

1 x 60W LED starry sky ceiling lamp
Mounting materials
Operating instruction
Attention:Operating models can only be changed by switches, without remote control.