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VINGO® LED Working Light Flood Warmwhite 50w

Item No.: B01ERAPQ20-3410
This high-power LED floodlight is rechargeable.
Product is cordless, small and light, easy to carry.
• Features charge and discharge protection.
Portable, suspended and fixed in a plane.
Several application areas, suitable for repair,
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Product Description

Color: 50w warm white

Technical specifications:

Charger: IN: 100-240V AC, OUT: DC16.8V 1A

Car Charger: IN: DC12V-24V, OUT: DC16.8V 1A

Charging times: ≥500 times

Material: aluminum

Bracket material: steel

Built-in battery: 18650 lithium battery

Power consumption: 50W

Beam angle: 120 degrees

Battery Capacity: 4400MAh

Charging time: 4 hours

Color temperature: Warm white (3000-3500k) 4000Lumen

Protection class: IP65

Working time: 4 hours


1x floodlight

1x car charger

1x power supply

Do not charge the lamps for more than 8 hours.

Unload and overcharge protection after 8 hours of charging. Then the battery can not be charged anymore.

The recommended max. Charging time is 4 hrs.