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VINGO® super thin LED Spotlight Green 30w Warm White

Item No.: B01KLZLCI2-3316
LED Rechargeable Battery Spotlight 30W Hand Lamp Work Light Warm white
Long burning time Battery capacity: 4400mA Battery charging time is only 2 hours with using time up to 4 hours (2 charging options: With normal charger for home or with the car charger)
H-model design. 360 ° freely adjustable; 120 ° adjustable up and down, illumination area: 30m², irradiation distance: 3 ~ 5m
Overall High-quality aluminum lamp housing, heat-resistant, strong hardness
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Color: 30w warm white

Possible for charging: - With a home charger u.With a car charger, can be recharged in the car at any time.All bulbs are fully charged before shipment.Has charge and discharge protection.

Design & Material

Material: die-cast aluminum. IP class: IP65. Painted lamp body to prevent oxidation. Frame design --- H-type frame, plastic corners design, easy to place. high-strength tempered glass - uniform lighting effect, attractive appearance, better gloss. Reasonable handle - thick EV pad hand grip, comfort and safety. LED light source - high brightness, low light failure, energy saving and environmentally friendly, with normal use, you can use about 17 years. Charging socket - shockproof, rust-free, non-deformable, durable and durable

Charger: IN: 100-240V AC, OUT: DC8.4V 1A

Car Charger: IN: DC12V-24V, OUT: DC8.4V 600MA

Charging times: ≥500 times


Attention! Do not charge the lamps for more than 8 hours. Discharge and overcharge protection after 8 hours of charging. After that, the battery can no longer be charged.Charging time is 4 hours